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What does Memodo offer?

  • An extensive photovoltaic portfolio
  • Europe-wide delivery – quick and reliable
  • Free webinars, certification courses and training
  • Professional sales support and advice
  • Expert knowledge and technical ‘know how’

Advantages with Memodo

  • Flexible terms of payment
  • Unique technical support and personal contact
  • Simple, quick and secure ordering & delivery
  • Cheap prices, quotes and regular deals

Memodo - The wholesaler for photovoltaic und energy storage systems

Success writes our story

In 2013, Enrico Brandmeier, Tobias Wenleder and Daniel Schmitt founded the company Memodo. They lead it in equal parts. Today Memodo is one of the leading wholesalers of photovoltaic products and we are setting the tone for the industry in the area of solar energy storage.

With more than 7,500 sold energy storage systems, over 30 team members, as well as offices and representation throughout Germany, Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic, we assume a leading role in the supply and training of solar installers and tradespeople throughout Europe. Alongside solar batteries, we focus on electric charging stations, solar panels, solar battery packages and inverters.

We offer extensive technical support, free training sessions as well as support when planning a private or commercial solar energy system. Our focus has always been a satisfied solar installer and their customers.

More on the Memodo founders’ story can be found in our blog.

Memodo International - Team 2017 - photovoltaic wholesaler

Our products

  • Solar panels
  • Solar batteries
  • Inverters
  • Solar battery packages
  • Substructures and mounting systems
  • Electric charging stations

  • Water heat pumps
  • Heaters
  • Smart home systems
  • Data-loggers
  • PV accessories and guarantees
  • Green electricity flat rates for solar energy systems

Memodo - solar panels

Solar panels

Our brands of solar panels are available in various power classes, colours and sizes. You can choose between mono- and polycrystalline panels. We work together with S-Energy, TrinaSolar, LG Electronics, Heckert Solar, Q-Cells and Panasonic.

Memodo - Battery - Storage - Energy - Storage

Solar batteries

Our solar batteries utilise modern lithium ion technology and are extremely high performing as well as durable. We offer products from renowned manufacturers such as VARTA, LG Electronics, LG Chem, BYD and Kostal. We also have a selection of solar battery packages in our portfolio.

Memodo - pv - solar - inverters


Our inverters are available in AC and DC variations and can generate 1-phase as well as 3-phase alternating current. Our various inverters range in terms of performance level, efficiency level and MPP-Trackers. We provide products from manufacturers such as Solaredge, SMA, Fronius, Kostal, SolaX, Huawei, Kaco, Delta and Sungrow.

memodo - pv - mounting systems


Our mounting systems make installing solar panels easy for you. With Alumero (slanted-roof substructure) and PMT Premium Mounting Systems (flat-roof substructure), we offer technical, high quality, premium substructures.

memodo accessories cables and multi contact switches

PV cables and plugs

Our photovoltaic accessories section provides everything you need to connect-up a solar energy system. Our products range from cables and MC-plugs to 3-phase sensors and intelligent data-loggers. We provide products from Solar-Log, Smartfox, Eaton, HIS, Multi-Contact and Phoenix Contact.

memodo - heat pumps

Water heat pumps

Our heaters and water heat pumps are the perfect addition to any solar energy system. They allow the generation of cheap heat-energy. We supply products from manufacturers such as Atlantic, MYPV and Solar-Log.

A selection of our manufacturers and products

Solar panels

Memodo - solar panels - s-energy
Solarmodule von Heckert-Solar - Logo
Memodo - solar panels - lg electronics

Solar batteries

memodo battery storages from lg chem
memodo battery storages from BYD
memodo battery storages from VARTA


memodo pv solar inverters from solaredge
memodo pv solar inverters from SMA

Partnerships and trust leads to mutual success

S-Energy, LG Chem, SolaX, SolarEdge, SMA, BYD, LG Electronics, SunPower, Q-Cells, Panasonics, Huawei, Heckert Solar, Polarstern, unu, Fronius, VARTA, Kostal, E3/DC, Sony, Mercedes-Benz Energiespeicher, Qinous, Tesla, Sungrow, Delta, Kaco, PMT, EVBox, smartfox, mennekes, ABL, Trinasolar

What do our customers and manufacturers say?

Training and webinars

Free photovoltaic and battery strogae trainings and webinars

Free training and webinars

With our free webinars and training sessions you will receive a wealth of information on solar batteries, inverters, electric charging stations and accessories for all things photovoltaic.

Together with the manufacturers, our experts will explain the finer details, share their industry knowledge and introduce you to the latest products.

Your advantages with Memodo:

  • Free participation
  • Compressed/succinct information and engaging training
  • Manufacturer approved content
  • Extensive question and answer time
  • Training documents provided afterwards

Your personal contact partners

Maximilian Kundler

Maximilian Kundler

Account Manager

T +49 (0)89 904 10 15 - 11

Dieter jauch

Dieter jauch

Product Management & Sales

T +49 (0)911 310 44 99 - 2

Andreas Rosen

Andreas Rosen


T +49 (0)89 904 10 15 - 08

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Memodo pricelist with prices, offers for photovoltaic battery storages, panels and inverters


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Questions and answers

Who is Memodo?

We are a specialized wholesaler for photovoltaic and energy storage systems located in Munich. Currently we are a team of more than 30 with an extensive technical knowledge of solar batteries, solar panels, inverters and electric charging stations. Since 2013 we have been providing all necessary components for solar energy systems to installers throughout Europe and we offer various services related to the industry. You can learn more about us in our Memodo blog.

Why is Memodo an expert for energy storage systems?

Since 2013 we have offered energy storage systems and with more than 6000 systems sold, we are one of the largest wholesalers in Europe. Our numerous experts not only advise on the purchasing of products from well-known manufacturers, but they also share their experience and knowledge in free training sessions and webinars. Experience it for yourself and register here for one of our training sessions or take part in the Memodo roadshow.

Who can purchase products from Memodo?

Solar installers, tradespeople and resellers from all across the European Union and Switzerland can shop with Memodo. Private home owners or commercial operators who are interested in a solar energy system with a solar battery will gladly be put in touch (at no cost) to one of our partners in their area.

What can I purchase from Memodo?

Alongside solar panels, solar batteries and inverters, solar installers can purchase mounting systems (substructures), electric charging stations, heat-pumps and various accessories for photovoltaic systems. In collaboration with our partner Polarstern, we also provide the first manufacturer-independent green energy flat-rate to be used in conjunction with a solar energy system.

How can I purchase from Memodo?

Purchasing is very simple. Either you can purchase directly from the online shop or by sending an email to info@memodo.de

Should you require any advice, you can of course call us on +49 (0)89-904 10 15 00 or contact us via our live-chat at www.memodo.de.

What advantages does the Memodo online shop offer me?

The Memodo online shop is accessible at all times and displays the real-time availability status of products. The online shop also has extra resources available for solar batteries, solar panels and inverters, such as data sheets, marketing material, explainer videos, tech tips and certification. Up to the minute prices are displayed and there are free deliveries on orders over 1000 euros (only in Germany).

How do I register for the online shop?

The registration process is straightforward. Simply fill out the online registration form for the online shop and shortly thereafter you will receive an email with your login details.

How long does the registration process take?

The registration process takes only a minute. Here is a video showing how quick and easy it is.

What payment methods are there?

We make all efforts to setup a comfortable and convenient payment method for you. Upon request, we can organize custom credit-limits and payment options. Simply get in contact with us.

How long does the delivery of goods take?

We make it our priority to deliver the ordered goods as quickly as possible. The standard delivery time is currently between 48 and 72 hours. Upon request, we can organize an express delivery for you.

How much are the transport costs?

The transport costs depend on the weight of the ordered goods and are calculated individually for each order. For the delivery of solar batteries, there is an additional cost of 30 euros due to the transport of hazardous goods.

Can I receive support and advice when planning a solar energy system?

Our experts will gladly help you. We can gladly undertake the planning of your solar energy system, as well as the layout of the mounting system and we will support you during the initial installation. This is offered free of charge. In our online shop you can find several useful tools:

How do I get in contact with a Memodo expert?

You can contact us via the following channels:

Email: info@memodo.de

Telephone: +49 (0)89 – 904 10 15 00

Chat: www.memodo.de

In person: Memodo, Linprunstraße 16, 80335 Munich, Germany

What inverters can I purchase from Memodo?

Alongside the inverters from SolarEdge and SMA, we have other reputable inverters on offer; Fronius, Kostal, Kaco, Delta, Huawei, Sungrow and SolaX.

What solar panels can I purchase from Memodo?

We currently have solar panels from several well-known manufacturers available; LG electronics, S-Energy, Heckert, Panasonic, and Trina Solar.

What solar batteries can I purchase from Memodo?

We have solar batteries from LG Chem, Mercedes-Benz, E3/DC, Fronius, SMA, BYD, Kostal, Varta, LG Electronics, Sony, Tesvolt, SolaX and Qinous.

What electric charging stations can I purchase from Memodo?

In our online shop you will find electric charging stations for private and commercial use. These include products from manufacturers such as ABL Sursum, Mennekes, E3/DC and Smartfox.

What smart home systems can I purchase from Memodo?

In the category of smart home, we offer interesting and diverse products from SMA, SolarEdge and gridX.

Can I return defected goods?

In the case that damaged goods are delivered to you, please inform one of our team members as soon as possible or write to us at info@memodo.de, we will immediately take care of the situation and see to the possibility of a replacement.

In terms of a case of warranty, we will gladly help you and put you in contact with the relevant people. On our website, the contact details of the respective manufacturers can be found.

Is there a minimum order amount?

No, there is not a minimum order amount. However, orders of 1000 euros or more have free delivery within Germany.

What services are on offer from Memodo?

Alongside the products, we provide the following services:

  • Support during the initial installation of an energy storage system
  • Advising and planning of a solar energy system
  • Free training and webinars
  • Marketing support
  • Sales support
  • Free exchange of leads

What guarantees do I have when purchasing from Memodo?

When purchasing from our online shop, the product guarantees from the respective manufacturers apply. The guarantee conditions of each manufacturer are also available to download.